Who We Are

We are a physician-run medical practice dedicated to the certification needs of patients who qualify for the medical use of marijuana. Our guiding principle is to provide that service with the same care, compassion and clinical expertise that you would expect in a more traditional setting. Where we differ from the traditional setting, is in our firm belief that marijuana is an effective, alternative therapy for a variety of debilitating conditions.

We are committed to ensuring all our services and procedures are in compliance with state regulations. This is especially true of the state’s new MMJ Online System which serves as a registry of certifying physicians and qualified patients in the Massachusetts medical marijuana program.

Our staff is committed to providing services with courtesy, efficiency and competence. We have put in place multiple safeguards to ensure the privacy of patients’ personal information.

We understand and respect the individuality of our patients. We recognize that people respond in different ways to the disruption of health and wellbeing, and that their response to therapy may be just as unique.

We are conveniently located in downtown Salem, one block from the commuter rail station, with ample parking nearby.  We are wheelchair accessible, with a newly renovated and furnished office offering patients a clean, comfortable, inviting space.