The Program

The Massachusetts Program

The Massachusetts regulations governing the medical use of marijuana resulted from the 2012 vote to legalize medical marijuana. The regulations allow patients with debilitating conditions to use marijuana for medical purposes. A debilitating condition is defined as one that interferes with activities of daily living.

Qualifying Diagnoses

Doctors and nurse practitioners who are registered in the program are allowed to certify patients for the medical use of marijuana. Patients are allowed to purchase and grow marijuana.  Currently they are the only ones allowed to use marijuana dispensaries.

Approximately 2 weeks after certification and registration, you will receive your medical marijuana card from the Department of Public Health.  The card (which is mailed to you) is similar to a driver's license and attests to your enrollment in the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program.  You need the card and photo ID to use the dispensaries.

There are numerous medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts.  To locate a dispensary near you in Massachusets, please visit Weedmaps

Expect delivery of your marijuana card in 2-3 weeks.

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