Certification and Registration

The Medical Use of Marijuana Program uses a web-based registry called the MMJ Online System, which is usually referred to as the Virtual Gateway.  When our provider determines that you qualify for the program, you will be certified by giving a limited amount of information to the state through the Virtual Gateway.  This is your "certification".   

Once you are certified by us you will need to register with the state.  Registration is done through the Virtual Gateway.  It is done by the patient, though our staff can assist with it.  Your "Registration" provides the state with more detailed information about you (your address, phone number, etc.)

Both your certification and your registration need to be renewed each year.  Often the expiration dates of these two processes are different.  To be honest, it can be confusing at times.  Renewing your certification requires that you come to our office to be seen by one of our providers.  Renewing the registration is done by the patient at home, but we can assist if you bring in your login and password to your Virtual Gateway account.

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Don't let things expire!

The state requires recertification each year !

The maximum length of certification allowed by Massachusetts State Regulations is 1 year.  In order to maintain compliance with state regulations for the medical marijuana program, patients must renew their certifications each year.  An office visit is required to renew your certification.  An active certification and registration will ensure that you will continue to benefit from and have continued access to dispensary-grade marijuana products.  Renewing your registration EACH YEAR can be done by the patient at home.  We can assist you at no charge if you bring in your login and password to your Virtual Gateway account.

Your login and password are needed to renew your registration

Please note:  If your registration or certification expires, you will not be allowed to go into the medical marijuana dispensaries, until one or both are renewed.  Both the registration and certification must be active.

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Our Process

Provide Medical Evaluation

We provide fast and easy on-site medical evaluation for all patients to determine eligibility for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program. Our fee for a full evaluation is $200. We are available online, in person and over the phone to answer any questions you may have regarding our process, the progress of your certification and much more. We're here to help.

No insurance plan currently covers marijuana card evaluations.


Provide Online Certification

After eligibility is confirmed with the medical evaluation our physician will certify you on the Massachusetts MMJ ONLINE SYSTEM.This certification will establish that you have a qualifying condition to legally possess and use of marijuana for medical purposes. It is valid for 12 months. When the certification is made, a unique Registration Number is generated and given to you as your “password” to register yourself in the MMJ Online System.

Assist with Online Registration

The state’s MMJ ONLINE SYSTEM is designed to allow patients to register themselves with the Massachusetts medical marijuana program. If desired, we offer a Registration Assistance Service for a fee of $35. You must bring photo ID and proof of residency for us to register you. Be sure you have a valid email address and password. There is also a $50 registration fee, payable to the state with a credit or debit card.

Your MassHealth card can save you $50

We will scan and enter all needed documents and data to ensure you are properly registered before you leave. This service also includes assistance in obtaining a waver of the $50 state license fee for patients with proof of a verified financial hardship. Recipients of MassHealth or SSI qualify.