We are a physician-run medical practice dedicated to the certification needs of patients who qualify for the medical use of marijuana. Our guiding principle is to provide that service with the same care, compassion and clinical expertise that you would expect in a more traditional setting.  Where we differ from the traditional setting, is in our firm belief that marijuana is an effective, alternative therapy for a variety of debilitating conditions... Read More Meet Our Providers


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MMJ Medical Practice.  

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Why do I need certification and registration?

Certification is what doctors and nurse practitioners do.  It is an online process that identifies you as having a condition that qualifies for the medical use of marijuana.  Registration is what patients do. It is an online process that tells the Department of Public Health (DPH) who you are.  Both certification and registration need to be renewed each year.  The renewal dates might differ.  Your medical marijuana card also has an expiration date which is usually the same as your registration expiration date.   Both your certification and registration need to be “active” to gain entry to the dispensary.

What happens if my medical card expires?

Your connection to the medical use of marijuana program requires an active certification and registration.  If either one of them expires it is relatively simple to renew them.  Renewing your certification requires a visit to our office.  It becomes ACTIVE at the time of your visit.  Renewing your expired registration can be done simply by logging into your Virtual Gateway Account and paying $50 to the State (unless you qualify for a waiver).  It may take up to a week to become ACTIVE.  If you come to us with your login and password to your Virutal Gateway Account, we will assist you with re-registration at no charge.

How much does it cost?

Our fee for first-time certification is $220.  Our fee for recertification (for patients we have previously seen) is $170.  Registration is designed for patients to do themselves, online.  If you want, we can assist with your registration for a fee of $40.  Massachusetts charges a registration fee of $50 when you register online (it is waived for MassHealth patients).

Does health insurance cover any medical marijuana costs? 

No.  Health insurance currently does not cover the cost of certification, registration or the cost of your medicine.

What conditions qualify for medical use of marijuana?

The regulations governing medical marijuana in Massachusetts describe a qualifying condition as one that interferes with activities of daily living (work, family, social, sleep).  Certifying providers must also balance risk and benefit to ensure the most favorable patient outcome.  Qualifying Diagnoses

 What do I need to bring?

Detailed medical records are not needed.  A note from your physician supporting your certification is always welcome.  A list of medications and a list of diagnoses are helpful particularly if you have a complicated medical history.  You need to bring your driver’s license or other valid ID.  Bring your MassHealth card if you have one.  If you are renewing certification bring your Virtual Gateway Login and Password if you would like us to help you with re-registration.

How do I arrange for a caregiver?

If you are registered as a medical marijuana patient, you can choose someone to be your caregiver.  A caregiver can go with you when you visit a dispensary.  A caregiver can also go to a dispensary on their own to get medication for you.  Caregivers must be registered online with the Department of Public Health (DPH).  You will need to log on to your account through the Virtual Gateway and choose the option to assign someone as your caregiver.  A Massachusetts driver’s license or other appropriate identification of your caregiver will be needed.  There is no charge to register a caregiver.  A “Caregiver” card is mailed out about 2 weeks after registration.  It is needed to gain entry to the dispensary.

Do you certify children?

We are not certifying patients under the age of 18.  We have a small number of patients aged 18-20 who are usually accompanied by a parent when they first come to see us.  It has made their certification easier.  As registered patients, they are old enough to access marijuana through the state-licensed dispensaries and to be in possession of it, but they are too young to purchase or use marijuana under any other circumstances.  While we recognize the independence of some under-21-year-olds, their “in-between” legal status results in a more cautious approach to their certification.

Is the Massachusetts Card accepted in other states?

Yes, but the list continues to change.  You should confirm which states will honor your card prior to travel.  Currently, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Maine will accept Massachusetts cards.  Maine requires that you also have a “Visitor Certification” (available from us with $50 fee).   Marijuana is sold legally to any adult in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.

Do you certify for other states?

We can certify residents of Rhode Island for medical marijuana use in their own state. We can also certify residents of New Hampshire for marijuana use in their state.  Paperwork for the two states is available on the Internet.  Conditions which qualify for cannabis use in Rhode Island and New Hampshire differ from each other and from qualifying conditions in Massachusetts.  We recommend that you call our office to discuss plans before you come in.  We also have Maine “visitor certifications” (fee of $50) for residents of Massachusetts wanting to purchase and use medical marijuana while visiting Maine.

Can I take medical marijuana with me when I travel?

We strongly advise against taking marijuana across (or close to) any USA border (interstate or international).  All borders are under federal jurisdiction and marijuana is an illegal substance under federal law.  Even crossing a border between two states in which marijuana is legal can result in federal prosecution.  The same caution holds for security areas for air and sea travel, which are generally under federal jurisdiction as well.



Our Process

Provide Medical Evaluation

We provide fast and easy on-site medical evaluation for all patients to determine eligibility for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program. Our fee for a full evaluation is $220. We are available online, in person and over the phone to answer any questions you may have regarding our process, the progress of your certification and much more. We're here to help.

No insurance plan currently covers marijuana card evaluations.

Provide Online Certification

After eligibility is confirmed with the medical evaluation our provider will certify you on the Massachusetts MMJ ONLINE SYSTEM. This certification will establish that you have a qualifying condition to legally possess and use marijuana for medical purposes. It is valid for 12 months. When the certification is made, it takes effect immediately, but you still need to register.

Assist with Online Registration

Certified patients are allowed to register themselves with the Massachusetts medical marijuana program. If desired, we offer a Registration Assistance Service for a fee of $40. You will need a photo ID to register for the program.  We will need you to have a valid email address with the password if we register you.  There is also a $50 registration fee required by the State.  It is payable to the state with a credit or debit card.  This fee is waived in the case of financial hardship.  Be sure to bring your MassHealth card to process this waiver if you are using our Registration Assistance Service.

Your MassHealth card can save you $50