Our Mission

We are a physician-run medical practice dedicated to the certification needs of patients who qualify for the medical use of marijuana. Our guiding principle is to provide that service with the same care, compassion and clinical expertise that you would expect in a more traditional setting.Where we differ from the traditional setting, is in our firm belief that marijuana is an effective, alternative therapy for a variety of debilitating conditions... Read More Meet Our Providers







Medical records may be helpful but are not required.  A list of your medications is very useful.  We have a digital filing system so all papers will be returned to you.  If your primary care physician has recommended cannabis for you, we would welcome a brief note from your doctor.


Our fees will increase in September.  The new fee for a first-time certification is $220.  Renewal of certification (for patients we have seen before) is $170.


Medical Marijuana

The Massachusetts Program

The Massachusetts regulations governing the medical use of marijuana resulted from the 2012 vote to legalize medical marijuana. The regulations allow patients with debilitating conditions to use marijuana for medical purposes. A debilitating condition is defined as one that interferes with activities of daily living.

Qualifying Diagnoses

Doctors and nurse practitioners who are registered in the program are allowed to certify patients for the medical use of marijuana. Patients are allowed to purchase and grow marijuana and currently they are the only ones allowed to use the medical marijuana dispensaries.

Approximately 2 weeks after certification and registration, you will receive your medical marijuana card from the Department of Public Health.  The card (which is mailed to you) is similar to a driver's license and attests to your enrollment in the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program.  You need the card and photo ID to use the dispensaries.


Expect delivery of your marijuana card in 2 weeks.

Drop in to our office or call us at 978-594-0816.  Our hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Noon to 6pm, and Saturday Noon to 4pm.  We look forward to seeing you!


Our Process

Provide Medical Evaluation

We provide fast and easy on-site medical evaluation for all patients to determine eligibility for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program. Our fee for a full evaluation is $200. We are available online, in person and over the phone to answer any questions you may have regarding our process, the progress of your certification and much more. We're here to help.

No insurance plan currently covers marijuana card evaluations.

Provide Online Certification

After eligibility is confirmed with the medical evaluation our provider will certify you on the Massachusetts MMJ ONLINE SYSTEM. This certification will establish that you have a qualifying condition to legally possess and use marijuana for medical purposes. It is valid for 12 months. When the certification is made, it takes effect immediately, but you still need to register.

Assist with Online Registration

Certified patients are allowed to register themselves with the Massachusetts medical marijuana program. If desired, we offer a Registration Assistance Service for a fee of $35. You will need a photo ID to register for the program.  We will need you to have a valid email address with the password if we register you.  There is also a $50 registration fee required by the State.  It is payable to the state with a credit or debit card.  This fee is waived in the case of financial hardship.  Be sure to bring your MassHealth card to process this waiver if you are using our Registration Assistance Service.

Your MassHealth card can save you $50